Launching january 2022

We Get To Be

Opening up conversations and education around mental health.

First quarter of 2022

The main focus of the first quarter shall be on understanding what anxiety, how are brains and body react to it, How do we help lower anxiety.

Burn outs

Very much using people who have had clinical burn outs to share what changes happens during a burnout, what changes after a burnout.

showing how conversations are helping others while also helping the ones that have had the burnout to also self reflect.

Going Deeper

Learning the fundamentals of anxiety, from what ages do we get anxiety,  what is anxiety vs emotion, what changes in our brain and body when anxiety is at different levels.

Is the anxiety being felt from work, trauma/ptsd, disorder, enviroment.


Where are we now

As people, where are we now when it comes to being able to have conversations about mental health and mental disorders, where are we within the science of the brain and being able to show this in more of a basic fundamental way. How do we help open up a number of conversations vs the social norm.

About the company

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